Cremation Alternatives

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When considering cremation alternatives, you may be wondering where to turn. Eternally Loved provides guidance for a “celebration of life” which can happen alongside any cremation alternatives or funeral arrangements. Our goal of this article is to explain options to consider for the best cremation alternatives to discuss with someone at end of life or after they have passed.

There are many types of cremation alternatives to consider:

  • Water burial
  • Flameless cremation
  • Donating a body to science
  • Shallow burial
  • Space burial
  • Natural burial
  • Eternal reefs
  • Mushroom burial suit
  • Parting Stone
  • Traditional burial

Different Methods to Handle the Human Body

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Cremation alternatives have different methods to handle the human body upon death. Once some is deceased, the decision to look at burial alternatives or cremation alternatives is what loved ones face. A traditional burial is part of the funeral industry, where a funeral home handles the casket and service. In addition, a funeral home can handle the cremation and the cremated ashes can become part of the funeral service or a celebration of life.

Understanding Cremated Remains

Regular cremation ashes are referred to as cremated remains. The reason for this is a regular cremation does not actually turn a person’s body into what we know as cremated ashes. Cremated remains have the feel of grainy powdered remains versus ashes. What medical science would call only bones, organs, muscle etc, the funeral industry calls cremated remains.

Natural Burial

In a “natural burial” the burial process different. The burial process involves immersing a body “embalming” – with chemicals. The body is then prepared and dressed to be placed in a coffin or casket. A natural burial often uses natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable materials to bury the dead. Once the body is sealed, vaulted in concrete and human cremains can then be buried underground.

Parting Stone

A Santa Fe, New Mexico company called “Parting Stone” offers a clean alternative called solidified remains. They take a person’s body after cremation and make beautiful, polished stones. Fifty stones are created from the average body. The color of each person’s solidified remains is one hundred percent natural. Some stones are white, some have a hue of blue or green.

Traditional Burial

A traditional burial involves the deceased utilizing a funeral home. The process of burial alternatives including a plot in a cemetery or a cremation. With the cost of a having a traditional service burial increasing yearly, turning to cremation is always an option. However, cremation prices are also increasing.

Funeral Service

Most cremation alternatives and burial alternatives have a service. This service varies based on the wishes of the decease. From deep space to a more aquatic environment funeral arrangements most often include a service.

Religious Organization called Summum

Mummification practiced by the religious organization called Summum. Although there are not ancient Egyptians anymore, the Summum are a small religious sect that operate out of a pyramid in Salt Lake City. The Summum offers mummification services.

Eternally Loved Cremation Alternatives

Cremation Alternatives | Eternally Loved

Eternally Loved will work with funeral homes that offer traditional burial and green burial solutions. Together we can plan a celebration of life that welcomes what is best for you and your loved one.

Flameless Cremation

Flameless cremation has the scientific name Alkaline Hydrolysis. Flameless cremation produces no toxic emissions and is environmentally friendly. Flameless cremation leaves no fumes or waste. A flameless water cremation has more ash than a flame cremation. To accelerate the natural decomposition of the human body, flameless cremation uses a gentle water flow, dissolves the deceased’s body in a solution of potassium hydroxide and temperature to break down the body, reducing emissions to virtually nothing. As a greener option for the left remains are made up of skeletal and bone material.

A few states allow alkaline hydrolysis as an alternative to cremations. Georgia is a state that has passed legislation to legalize the process – funeral homes are not making this option available. California does not allow for alkaline hydrolysis as an alternative to cremations. The pH level is the determinant for the process and San Francisco has a stricter pH 9 standard. We are often asked about water burial also known as flameless cremation or alkaline hydrolysis. We are a celebration of life planning company that will guide eco-friendly cremation alternatives from the event standpoint. In California, our understanding is alkaline hydrolysis is not allowed. As talked about in this article, alkaline hydrolysis is a process that uses water, potassium hydroxide, and heat to reduce the body down to nutrient-rich liquid and bone. Unlike traditional flame cremation, alkaline hydrolysis uses far less resources and energy. It uses one-quarter the overall energy of flame-based cremation We support a green burial. When it comes to a water burial our services do not include the handling of anybody or method like alkaline hydrolysis. We love the new life concept of plants and biodegradable urns.

Donating a Body to Science

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Donating a body to science is an option to anyone. Some when they are in the end-of-life stage choose body donation to help medical schools enable future scientists in their community. Others perhaps do not want traditional cremation or burial. Body donation can be affordable way to have just a service and not incur the environmental concerns or the financial costs. Others have their body donation to ensure the cremated ashes are returned their family for final disposition.

Mushroom Burial Suit

A mushroom suit is exactly how it sounds, a suit that is of organic materials and will assist body decomposition and neutralize toxins. By being reduced to nutrients for the earth – your body will inspire new growth. Luke Perry was buried in an infinity burial suit. The infinity burial suit was created by Jae Rhim Lee, 43, who introduced the mushroom suit by wearing it in a 2008 fashion show at the Museum of Science in Boston.

Biodegradable Tree Urn

A living memorial like a biodegradable tree urn is super cool. Using their remains, soil, and seeds or even a live tree to produce a biodegradable urn is super easy. Begin by just placing cremated ashes in an urn capsule, then add your soil mix and the seeds or baby tree, then plant the urn in a meaningful location. When the tree grows your loved one will be a part of the new life. This lasting memory is priceless.

Burial Pods

Like biodegradable tree urns, burial pods are a living memorial and will have the loved one’s body become a tree. As a green burial method, a burial pod is where a body or cremated ashes are encapsulated in a biodegradable burial pod. This burial pod, then gets buried and a young tree is planted above it. The tree needs nutrients to grow and uses the burial pod as organic fertilizer. Burial pods are a great option and environmentally friendly. Because it is a green burial there is no embalming.

Sea Life Water Burial

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In California ashes can be spread at sea. The burial can happen at sea. The service of both must be coordinated with the captain of the boat and a planned. Eternally Loved has helped many families have an ocean front service or on a burial service on the water. Please contact us for further questions.

Funeral Alternatives

Eternally Loved offers funeral alternatives like celebrations of life. Honoring the wishes of the deceased often become happy occasions and require everything from a water burial with a biodegradable urn to having a beach front memorial.

Cremation Care

Cremation generally occurs within one week after all documents like the death certificate and state approvals are received. Time frames vary based on local coroner availability working with the right team from the very start will help overcome numerous barriers. Cremated remains are returned to the family once the cremation is complete. Usually the arrangements to pick up cremated remains only happen if the service is held with family members at the grave space or off site.

Unique Cremation Jewelry

Unique cremation jewelry includes wearable memorial rings or necklaces. Urn necklaces can usually be engraved with a personalized dates or loving messages. There are hundreds of styles to choose from. Even diamonds can be made from the remains of a loved one.