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Funeral vs. Memorial Service

A funeral or memorial service are typically very similar in nature, but a traditional funeral service has certain aspects that make it more rooted in

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Burial Alternatives | Eternally Loved

Cremation Alternatives

When considering cremation alternatives, you may be wondering where to turn. Eternally Loved provides guidance for a “celebration of life” which can happen alongside any

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Headstone Decorations | Eternally Loved

Graveside Decorations

Planning a memorial or funeral service for a loved one can be extremely difficult and bring up many emotions. When you decorate a loved one’s

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Funeral Home | Eternally Loved

How to Write a Eulogy

What is a Eulogy? A written eulogy is a celebration of life or funeral speech that commemorates the departed life of a loved one or

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Living Funerals

Living Funerals

We’re seeing a shift in how people anticipate and deal with loss. See why living funerals are a healthy and positive approach to death.

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Eternally Loved | Memory Quilt

Memorial Keepsakes and Jewelry

Personalized Candles Eternally Loved can create photo candles for you to keep or to hand out to attendees at your ceremony. This adds a comforting

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