Eternally Loved | Memory Quilt

Personalized CandlesMemorial Candles

Eternally Loved can create photo candles for you to keep or to hand out to attendees at your ceremony. This adds a comforting personal touch–everyone will be thinking fondly of your loved one while they light a candle in their honor.

Memorial JewelryMemorial Jewelry

Flowers are a big part of many Celebrations of Life or memorials.  Eternally Loved can take flowers from a loved one’s memorial and turn them into jewelry, charms or key chains after the service. These special trinkets will be an everlasting reminder of your love for them.

Memory Pillow or QuiltMemory Pillow

Clothes are a reminder of such wonderful memories and of the special person that wore them.  Eternally Loved can use your loved one’s clothes to create a memory pillow or quilt for you to cherish forever.

Charms and BookmarksMemorial Bookmarks

Eternally Loved offers bookmarks and a line of charms (available in a variety of shapes: hearts, angels, flowers, and more) that can be used as mementos. Give these keepsakes to attendees at a memorial as an sweet reminder to the celebration you had.

ScrapbooksMemorial Scrapbooks

Eternally Loved can help you create a scrapbook or collage, both of which can be a creative and therapeutic activity that can aid in the grieving process.   Items from the Celebration of Life, such as flowers or a feather from the dove release, can be added to create a beautiful representation of your loved one’s life.

For further tips and guidance on memorializing your loved ones, let us know how we can help you remember your loved one best.