Event Planner Services

Our event planner services include complimentary consultation to determine your event needs, coordination of all service providers and travel arrangements, negotiating best deals on your behalf, utilizing exclusive discounts with our network of professionals, staying involved with every granular detail to ensure the success of your event.

What does Eternally Loved actually do?

I find out what is important and what you want to incorporate in the Celebration of Life.

Celebration of Life Memorial Planner

Celebration of Life Memorial Planner | Eternally Loved
Coordinating an amazing event that celebrates the life that was lived.

Helping you Pre-Plan a Memorial

Thinking ahead? Remove the stress and guesswork that your family or friends would have to face.

Putting together a “Living Memorial”

What to Wear to a Celebration of Life | Eternally Loved
Why wait until someone pases away to show them what they mean to you?

À La Carte Services

When you only need a little bit of help with planning your memorial or event.
Eternally Loved offers a favorable and stress-free event planning process. Our satisfied clients are relieved to find that, not only do we shoulder the responsibility of seamless execution of events, but we save a significant amount of time and money with our event planning services. We operate within the budget and use our expertise to put on an event that makes your guests feel valued.