Living Memorial Service

What is a Living Memorial?

A living memorial or living tribute is a special way to express love, gratitude, and sentiments to the honoree that may have a terminal illness before they pass. If you know your time is short, why wait? Everyone is uplifted with a living memorial service because attendees are given an opportunity to say the words or remembrance and know the honoree is receiving it. That is so gratifying for both the honoree and the attendees.
A living memorial is not talking about death, but rather, life. It honors a person in a way that no milestone or birthday celebration would be able to do.
When people gather to support, celebrate and honor everyone is awe-inspired. A living memorial is a remarkable gift to the honoree and an extraordinary memory for the survivors.
Family and friends mark the sum of all the memories and milestones of the honoree and a living memorial service accomplishes a total life mission in one day. A true celebration of life that everybody gets to take part in.

What We Do

We can create an intimate occasion or huge extravaganza for you. Just let us know how you want to celebrate life with friends and family. It is our honor to personalize and handle all the details of this momentous occassion.

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We will contact all service providers, including:

  • Venues
  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Entertainment/Music
  • Churches
  • Hotels/transportation
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Décor
  • Any other necessary arrangements

We will consult with you to provide:

  • Invitations
  • Releases
  • Execution of personalized theme
  • Memorable elements
  • Video presentation
  • General coordination