Celebration of Life Ceremony seating aboard boat

There are so many different, time-consuming things to do to get a ceremony together.  Factoring in the grief and other strong emotions associated with loss, planning and coordinating a memorial event on your own can get extremely stressful.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should rely on a professional event planner to take care of your Celebration of Life or memorial events.

Hire an Event Planner

1. Event planners reduce your stress.

You and your loved ones are going through a lot of emotions. A professional event planner will be there to take care of things you simply can’t worry about right now. From planning, budgeting, negotiating with vendors to last-minute details or troubleshooting, an event planner will make sure you and your guests will experience the best possible ceremony. Having someone that’s separated from your emotional grief can be quite an asset—hiring an event planner helps reduce stress because they can act as a neutral mediator among a group of people fueled with strong opinions, suggestions and emotions.

By taking care of all the headaches, you and your guests will able actually be “present” at the event.  Without the stress of worrying where the flowers are going to go, or if the food has arrived yet, you’ll be able to focus on honoring your loved one. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the event came to fruition just the way you wanted it, with the opportunity to really experience it.

2. Event planners save time.

Planning an event can take a lot of time. Event planners are experienced in handling issues and problems, avoiding common mistakes, making quick and informed decisions, and ensuring the event goes smoothly. By researching, planning, negotiating, coordinating and being the point of contact for everyone, an event planner eliminates the need for you to spend endless hours organizing, allowing you to use your valuable time to focus on healing.

3. They handle all the details.

It’s an event planner’s job to be detail oriented. An event planner ensures nothing important is left out, and can offer creative and unique touches to help make your event meaningful. Event planners have special industry connections that aren’t available to most, and are also skilled negotiators, aiming to get the best price and amenities from vendors to suit your needs. An event planner also has the knowledge and connections necessary to get things done based on your timeframe. An event planner understands client needs and offers the flexibility for clients to be involved at a level they’re comfortable with.

They will also have the experience to handle any questions or concerns from your vendors and guests throughout the planning process. Imagine how great it would be to have someone ask you a question or need a decision made, and all you would have to say is “here is my event planner’s phone number”.

4. Event planners help you stay organized.

Event planners help you remain organized throughout the planning process. From putting together production timelines, to picking the right location and communicating with all the vendors, an event planner utilizes the best and most efficient tactics to put on the finest event.

5. They help you set (and stick with) a realistic budget.

The passing of a loved one can cause an unexpected financial burden. An event planner can help figure out an appropriate budget and put on the best event within that budget.Event planners have experience working with a wide range of budgets, and should be able to make the best recommendations based on your situation. A good planner keeps track of the budget, and can make qualified decisions to help cut the budget when need be, saving you money on unnecessary expenses.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional event planner for your event, please contact us. We’re ready to capture your vision, take care of the details, and put on an event to remember.