Some thoughts from those who have utilized the various services of Eternally Loved:

In July 2014, my soul mate and life partner was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Over the next 7 months, he was involved with chemotherapy treatments, doctor appointments, transfusions and other necessary appointment and along with my full time job, I was his supporter, caretaker, appointment keeper, planner and personal assistant for every aspect of his life. I was provided the gift of extra energy and it came from my dedication and love for Vince. I was intent on Vince’s final months to be the best possible and for things to be as smooth as possible without his need to worry or want for anything.

On January 31, 2015, Vince took his last breath, and I felt an exhaustion that came from those months of service to him. I was also struck with a deep sense of loss, pain and sorrow that came from the realization that he was no longer here. This is when Melissa Rainey entered my life with the sensitivity and energy to do what I was not able to do…plan for his memorial service.

Melissa gave me room to be involved with any part of the ceremony that I wanted, and there were some areas that I couldn’t do. I wanted to create a slide show, and I knew the location of where he wanted his memorial service to be held. We knew that we needed room for at least 300 people, as Vince was loved by many. Melissa took care of all the areas of the service that I would not have known how to do. She put together all the pieces of the puzzle that were necessary for a beautiful event. She found the best prices for the brochures and flower arrangements for the service. I gave her the pictures and verses that I wanted on the brochure. I knew I wanted food, but Melissa acquired a wonderful caterer as well as started a funding account so that it would not cost me anything. She took charge and planned an amazing service with speakers, coordination with the church, chaplain involvement, coordination with family and a release of doves. I only needed to arrive at the church and do my part of the service in the eulogy.

I would not have been able to coordinate and organize the “Celebration of Life and Love” if Melissa was not there to organize everything. She was truly a gift to me during a time when I needed support and direction. She was dedicated for things to go as smooth as possible and effortless for me on a day when I was immersed in emotion and focused on my loss. The end product was memorable, tasteful and something we all could carry with us.

Marsha Mathews

Murietta, CA

We worked with Eternally Loved to pre-plan a “Celebration of Life” event. I thought it would be uncomfortable and emotional but it wasn’t. Melissa walked us through the whole process, from determining the kind of event we wanted and selecting the venue to assembling the mailing list and photo slide show. She helped us make selections for every aspect of the celebration. Melissa covered all the details and I know the celebration will be exactly the kind of party I would want it to be. I wholeheartedly endorse Melissa and her company.

Erik Ackroyd

Lake Elsinore, CA

Melissa Rainey assisted my husband and me plan (well) in advance for a “Celebration of Life.” The process was smooth, organized and very straight forward. Melissa listened carefully to our requests and concerns, and addressed them all. She has a large pool of contacts and resources, and put together a package that reflected our wishes and personalities. For those requests that were a little outside the norm, Melissa did the research and came back to us with a range of options from which to choose. It’s a relief to me to know that when the time comes, all of the decisions have already been made and everything I need is organized and in one place. I’m so grateful to Melissa for helping us plan for the future.

Judith Hartwig

Lake Elsinore, CA

Eternally Loved came into my family’s life during one of the most difficult times of our life. My mom’s fiancé died within 7 months of being diagnosed with liver cancer. It was devastating and my mother and I were walking around in shock and disbelief. Eternally Loved helped us with EVERYTHING! We had help with putting together a phenomenal ceremony within our budget, from organizing thousands of pictures, making a sentimental keepsake, flower arrangements, organizing the whole schedule of the ceremony including making sure speakers go there on time, and so on. The price that Eternally Loved was worth to our family was priceless, and it gave my mother and I time to grieve and take in the experience of celebrating our beloved Vince’s life.

Merissa Mathews

Murietta, CA

When I lost my cat Ottis, I was absolutely devastated! My black cat had been my best friend for close to 20 years…. Ottis had been through so many of my life phases and I always felt comfort from him. He moved with me to different places, even Alaska at one point. He brought me so much happiness and I can only hope that I gave him a good life.
I wanted to celebrate his life and I was not sure how to go about it. I also felt a little bit silly– do people have funerals for their pets? That is when I did some research and found Eternally Loved. From the moment I started talking to Melissa, I could tell my healing began–she expressed her condolences and assured me that it was important to celebrate and honor his life. I did not have to do a thing aside from answering some questions and providing photos. Melissa took care of everything and she created a fantastic event. It was small and beautiful… some of my closest friends were there and shared my tears. I was so grateful to Melissa for thinking of every detail — I am horrible at planning anything and I did not have to worry about anything!

Stephanie Ackroyd

Carlsbad, CA