Large Flower Arrangements for Funerals

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When to Use Large Funeral Floral Arrangements

Funeral flowers can have many different purposes. Sending flowers to grieving family members or having a funeral delivery of flowers sent to the funeral home to decorate are the most common uses for sympathy flowers.

Large funeral floral arrangements are usually best used for decorating. Large funeral flower arrangements can be great for decorating large spaces or even just adding color and decoration to the church or venue.

These types of arrangements can also be used for a burial service and placed on top of the casket or on an easel during the ceremony.

What Types of Funeral Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral or Celebration of Life?

White Funeral Flowers

Several different types and colors of flowers can be used for funeral flower arrangements and can be considered appropriate flowers for a funeral. White funeral flowers are usually the most appropriate funeral flowers to choose because of their simplicity and elegance. White flowers also have the most common association with loss.

Colorful Funeral Flowers

However, funeral flowers don’t have to be white. They can be any color and style you decide from white roses to pink or yellow carnations.

The color and type of funeral flower can also set the mood for the funeral or celebration of life. Bright colors, for example, can help improve moods and increase the mood of the ceremony. Funeral flowers with spring colors can be another great option since the spring season usually carries the feeling of resurrection and hope.

What is the Most Common Funeral Flower?

Roses are considered one of the most common funeral flowers. The rose is a universal expression of love which makes it a great choice for a funeral flower. Roses can express sympathy and love for a loved one who has passed.

Roses are also associated with strength, balance, and purity.

What are the Best Flowers for Funeral Arrangements?

Popular funeral flowers include lilies, roses, orchids, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums, and hydrangea. While most funeral arrangements are white flower arrangements, red or pink flowers are also sometimes included. Although white, red, and pink are the most common flowers for a funeral, funeral flower arrangements can be customized into a more colorful arrangement as well.

Types of Large Funeral Flower Arrangements


Wreaths are one of the most common larger floral arrangements for funerals. They usually come in a circular shape but can also be made into a heart. You can order flowers and wreaths from your local florist and have them sent as a funeral flower delivery to the funeral home or event venue.

Wreaths are usually displayed on an easel at the front of the room, but can be displayed in other places as well.


Crosses are similar to wreaths but instead of having the funeral flowers shaped into a circle, the local florists will arrange the flowers in the shape of a cross. This type of large funeral flower arrangement is great for a funeral or celebration of life service where the deceased was religious.

Crosses are also typically placed on an easel for display at the service.

Standing Sprays

Another popular funeral or celebration of life floral arrangement is a standing spray. Standing sprays are flat and typically displayed on an easel. They are most often arranged with funeral flowers such as roses, carnations, and lilies.

Casket Sprays

This type of arrangement consists of funeral flowers that cover the casket. These types of casket flowers cascade across the casket creating a beautiful arrangement. When deciding on what funeral flower to use for the casket spray, it is common for a family member to choose a flower that was a favorite of the deceased.

Do Immediate Family Members Send Flowers at Funerals?

The immediate family typically sends the largest arrangements for the funeral. These include a casket spray or standing spray, funeral plants and other funeral arrangements. The funeral flowers can be bought from a local florist who can send the funeral flowers to the venue.

Other Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas

Floral Arrangements on Pedestals or Stands

Another idea for a large flower arrangement for a funeral or memorial service is to place floral arrangements on pedestals or stands to create more visual interest and dimension. If you have multiple smaller arrangements, placing them on stands of varying heights can help fill an empty space without having to buy multiple large arrangements.

Giant Wreath

In addition to traditional funeral wreaths, another option is a giant wreath. These are oversized wreaths that can be leaned against a wall and used as a focal point for a memorial service. They can be constructed of flowers and memorial plants or wooden with flowers attached at different parts.

Angels Doorway

Another unique idea for funeral or celebration of life decoration is an angels doorway. It consists of a rustic open door with large floral archways. It represents the changes that come with the death of a loved one and the transition.

Celebration of Life with Eternally Loved

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Flower Arrangements for Funeral

A flower arrangement is one of the most popular ways to decorate for a funeral or memorial service. The most common flowers for a memorial service are carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies.

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Funeral Centerpiece

Funeral centerpieces are decorative items for a funeral such as candles, flowers, or pictures usually placed on a table. The centerpiece can help set the tone for the memorial service and be customized to honor the deceased.

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Funeral Arrangement Ideas

Funeral arrangements are the most important part of the funeral process. Funeral arrangement ideas depend on your budget and how you want to remember your loved one. You can decide how you want your loved one to be remembered by choosing a funeral arrangement that reflects their personality or life story.

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Lighthouse Flower Arrangements

Lighthouse flower arrangements include an arrangement that are in the form of a lighthouse and are formed into a tall tower. These types of flower arrangements are a great opportunity for you to showcase flowers at your loved one’s celebration of life.