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There are several ways to pay tribute to a loved one and their memory. However, you may want help planning the day of celebration and memorial service.

Every family is distinct, and each family has a particular way of remembering someone who has passed away. Funeral services celebration, and memorial services are a ways to let the deceased be honored.

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Questions Answered, Helpful and Additional Information

This article will answer questions and help guide you to determine the best tribute and service to create a day for all involved to attend and celebrate the one who died.

Organize a celebration that provides family members and friends the chance to remember a loved one while bidding farewell in a meaningful way.

You can have singular events or combine a celebration with funeral services and memorial services. This type of service is called a “Celebration of Life.

Celebrations of Life

Celebrations of life may be anything you want them to be since they are not constrained by social norms. Celebration of life events may include the traditional funeral or unconventional memorial services at a site that all guests can visit and have fun based on how the planning of the day is laid out.

You can gather your family and show treasured pictures of the person being commemorated. You can get together in a setting that was dear to the person being commemorated. 

A celebration or memorial service fosters a joyful environment that highlights heartwarming tales and recollections involving your loved one. In addition, this unique service allows you to honor your loved one’s personality, values, and passions in the manner and location you see most appropriate.

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Memorial Service Vs. Celebration of Life

Memorial services versus a celebration service really comes down to the planning.

The best way to characterize a memorial ceremony is as a delicate blending of a traditional funeral with a celebration. Even while a memorial service has some structure, you still have the freedom to customize it to reflect the one being remembered.

Celebrations tend to be more upbeat and festive. The people who attend celebrate the joy that the individual has contributed to others and the world. Whether you choose direct burial or direct cremation services; celebration or memorial services can still take place.

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Celebration Memorial Services

Celebration memorial services can be personalized to include worship, favorite songs, and even bands playing those songs.

A celebration and/or memorial service can be focused on the happiness and joy of living with and loving the departed family member or friend. For many, a celebration service is the same as a memorial service. For others a memorial service includes a traditional funeral service followed by seeing the person buried at the cemetery services. Once completed a togetherness can take place.

Highlights the Positive Impact They Had on Their Loved Ones

A celebration memorial service provides a great opportunity to properly cherish the memories you shared with the departed. The celebration ceremony allows you to concentrate on the positive impact they’ve had on the lives of others.

Remembering the humorous antics they did and said. It will cause you to reflect on the things they did that irritated you and to smile at their foolishness, craziness, or other endearing characteristics.

At a celebration memorial service, you’ll find yourself grinning as you recall the fun times shared, rather than succumbing to grief over their passing.

Heal While Grieving

It is natural and healthy to grieve your loss. All celebrations help the grieving process; the goal of a celebratory day is to enable you to celebrate the living you shared rather than lament in their death.

A celebration allows family and friends to be guided to view things differently and perhaps more positively. 

While it is understandable to feel sad after any type of loss, a celebration ceremony enables you to appreciate the living shared with the deceased. At a traditional funeral service families often leave remembering the body they saw in the casket where as with many memorial services families leave smiling after seeing a video of their loved ones smile.

Special Arrangements

A celebration ceremony can include almost anything you wish to make a particularly meaningful or dedicated to the departed; any arrangements, theme or particulars that are unique to the deceased can be included.

If the deceased loved movies, music, dancing, or swimming for example, the ceremony could be themed around those images and memorabilia. It is all about personalizing and making the service something significant that genuinely reflects the deceased’s distinct personality.

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Eternally Loved Celebration Planner – We Handle the Service Details

Eternally Loved is a top-rated celebration and memorial service planner that services southern California.

San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties have many beautiful places to host a small or large group for celebration memorial services and we know all the secret places and have relationships with local venders.

Eternally Loved has a compassionate, caring staff with expertise in organizing celebration and memorial services, and for some a funeral service. Family ceremony requests and memorial places range from Miramar National Cemetery to the coastal beach front throughout orange county and San Diego, CA.

Eternally Loved specializes in creating lasting and cherishing memories at all our celebration and memorial services. All arrangements are provided for your requested day as we walk you through this difficult time.

Our pricing is incredibly reasonable and you can rest assured we have heard several hundred thousand questions on the best way to honor and say goodbye with dignity and love.

Choosing a Proper Location

You have a lot of flexibility in deciding where the service will take place. A celebration memorial ceremony can be held in the deceased loved one’s home or in a place that held special meaning for them.

You can plan for the service to take place at beaches, community centers, parks, restaurants, banquet halls, or a family member’s house.

Help You Consider Music

Most guests like music. If the service is for a mother or father, husband or wife, often the surviving spouse, children, parents, and best friends will suggest favorite songs. These songs can be included in a play list, during the service, or if allowed by live musicians. Pianist, harpist, and we have even seen someone play the harmonica.A memorial service held in a location that allows music to be played can have a live band.

Music is a wonderful way to bring laughter and tears into the day. Usually a loved one will read, sing, or tell stories that include music.

Produce a Slideshow

Veterans and civilians that pass often have a rich history via pictures. Eternally Loved can assist in creating a slideshow commemorating your loved one.

Often the location chosen has the ability to play a slideshow. If it does not we have the technological capability to ensure a slideshow is prepared.

Help You Plan for Food and Drinks

A celebration and memorial service wouldn’t be complete without food and beverages. You can prepare snacks or meals, and the menu can differ depending on the style of the celebration.

Depending on the size of the memorial service, we can assist you in planning food and beverages for the guests so you do not have to deal with the details.

Creating a Heartfelt Celebration

Eternally Loved takes the time to work with you to create a touching memorial service for your loved one. From themes, food, and beverages, to cards, guest lists, location, and everything else you need for a successful service, we’ve got you covered.

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Melissa and her team at Eternally Loved are experts in celebrations and memorial services. We assist bereaved and overburdened individuals in hosting wonderful services without having to deal with and process all the details themselves.

We Respect your Loved One’s Memory

To best respect your loved one’s memory, we will help you plan, manage, and orchestrate the the event. While memorial services can be anything you want them to be, we make sure it is exactly to your specifications.

The memorial services and celebration of life event will have our staff there to set up and clean up. We will ensure all is functioning during the event so all the family can be present during the celebration of life.

We are always available to help; our services are offered even after an unexpected death.

Contact Eternally Loved today and learn more about how we can help you plan the ideal celebration of life event. Our experienced staff can guide you through the necessary decisions and assist you in planning the most memorable and heartfelt celebration of life and memorial services.