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Anniversary of Death

When a loved one or family member we deeply loved dies, it can be devastating. It can take weeks, months, or even years before the

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How to Mourn a Loss Through Celebrating Life

The tragic loss of a loved one can be challenging, painful and can create an array of emotions which are a normal part of the grief process. Allow us to help you–see how to mourn a loss with a celebration of their life.

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Ways to Cope with Loss

4 Ways to Cope with Loss

They say the key to loss is acceptance. See how to physically and emotionally “let go” of your grief with these four ways to cope with loss.

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Eternally Loved | Memory Quilt

Memorial Keepsakes and Jewelry

Personalized Candles Eternally Loved can create photo candles for you to keep or to hand out to attendees at your ceremony. This adds a comforting

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