How to Mourn a Loss Through Celebrating Life


The tragic loss of a loved one can be challenging, painful and can create an array of emotions which are a normal part of the grief process.  Allow us to help you–see how to mourn a loss with a celebration of their life.

Mourn Loss through Celebrating Life

The loss of a loved one and the feelings that surface are deeply personal.  It’s not uncommon to feel unable to adapt to the situational needs and provide a memorial service that is so deserved by your loved one and the people who would like to pay tribute to them.  We recommend for you to celebrate the life that was lived and memorialize them in an event that will sustain and exemplify your love and devotion.

A Celebration of Life ceremony is an ideal way to get through grief. A Celebration of Life reflects on the life, character, and beliefs of the departed and provides a chance for friends and family to remember and rejoice in the memory of your loved one. Celebrations of Life provide a unique opportunity to gather friends and family together to reflect upon a loss. By grieving together, you can support each other through your mourning.

There are activities that you can do on your own to help get through your grief, such as releases or other symbolic rituals. See 4 unique activities that will help you cope with loss here.

Celebration of Live Services for Grief

The aim of a Celebration of Life ceremony is to offer a middle ground between mourning and celebration.  By celebrating life, attendees are presented an alternative channel of mourning by experiencing grief through acceptance, peace and togetherness.

Celebrations of Life help with mourning loss through:

  • Carving out a special day to reminisce about your best memories with your loved one.
  • Helping you face your feelings with the support of your friends and family.
  • Providing tangible ways to “let go” of grief.

Focusing on the impact made by your loved one reinforces the positive aspects of life, and helps mourners steer clear from the trap of regret and sorrow.  A Celebration of Life may also be held in conjunction with a religious ceremony.

Celebration of Life Event Coordination

During a time of loss, you don’t need the added stress of putting on an event. Let the experts at Eternally Loved handle the largest tasks to the finest personal details.  Our mission is to provide our customers with unparalleled service that is upbeat, sensitive to your needs, and tailored to your wishes.

With the convenience of a professional event planner setting up your personalized event, we offer a final opportunity for you to celebrate your loved one’s life without any added stress.

Let us know how we can create a positive mourning experience for you with a celebration of life or memorial event.