Healing Grief Through Nature

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There is something about nature that is therapeutic and lessens stress in our lives. The idea of being connected to something bigger than yourself can be comforting at a time of loss. Nature heals our soul and is great for helping reconcile grief. Outdoor Celebrations of Life are favored because of their greater meaning and calming, scenic landscapes. See more on healing grief through nature to help get some solace after a loss.

The Natural World

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Many people find healing in nature, but what exactly is the best way to heal through nature? Is it just the physical beauty of it? Or is there a spiritual element, like the healing power of water? There are many benefits to healing through nature, from verbalization to visual imagery. Even bringing short bursts and generous doses of nature time into your day can be beneficial to your everyday life.

In fact, research shows that there is a link between connecting people with nature and reduced stress, faster recovery rates, and eased symptoms of physical and mental disorders. And, if you are looking for a way to make yourself feel better, I’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about the benefits of nature for healing.

Nature is a Place for Contemplation

People in grief often crave being outdoors and spending time in nature. Spending time in nature is a great tonic for a troubled heart, so it makes sense that grief is no different. Learning to appreciate and value nature is a powerful step in healing grief.

Nature Reminds Us of our Loved Ones

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Often times, we find ourselves connected to certain beaches, parks, mountain sides, and so on. A loved one’s favorite outdoor spot is an ideal location for a Celebration of Life ceremony.  Having a Celebration of Life in a significant natural landscape may give you, your family and friends more comfort because of its additional meaning.

Nature Explores our Minds

Research suggests that spending time in nature can help us cope with grief. The Association for Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs promotes the idea of “forest bathing,” a type of nature therapy. The website also contains links to research papers that support this idea. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first, but there are many benefits to healing grief through nature. Here are some of them.

First, it is a natural way to reduce anxiety and eases depression, all while lowering our blood pressure. Being out in nature can help us understand the different emotions we feel during the grieving process. We can replace anger and negative emotions with acceptance. We can also be comforted by the predictable patterns of nature.

It is important to remember that this process is personal and may not work for everyone. Therefore, you should start small and do not compare your own experience to others. Finding what works for you is the best way to cope with grief.

Nature is Symbolic with Death Rituals

Nature symbolizes the circle of life. Elements of nature, like flowers, trees and plants, or a garden have long been an integral part of our rituals around death.  Because of the relaxing feeling of being at one with nature helps with stress and sadness, there has been a growing movement towards taking the funeral home atmosphere outdoors.

Nature is a great backdrop for any Celebration of Life because it creates a certain feeling of being connected, which helps in healing grief. You can also feel closer to your loved one by incorporating certain natural elements into your ceremony, such as adding extra flowers and foliage to your décor or offering seedlings for guests to plant trees in honor of the deceased.

Nature Helps You Cope with Your Grief Journey

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It is highly recommended to use nature to cope with grief even after the Celebration of Life has ended. Incorporate nature into your routine for daily meditation—take hikes with your dog, walk with co-workers during your lunch breaks, or spend your evenings enjoying your local scenery.

Whether alone or with friends and family, surround yourself with fresh air, feel the sun on your face, and experience the beauty of the world, knowing you’re honoring your loved one with every step.

There is no right or wrong way to experience grief.  We all find meaning and peace in different ways, but by connecting with Mother Nature, you’ll be able to transcend your feelings, feel more relaxed and take real steps in healing grief.

It Can Help Us Find Peace

When grieving, many people feel isolated. Safety measures and a pandemic can further increase that feeling. People going through grief often experience emotional ups and downs and feel unprepared for the next step.

Nature provides stability and predictability, which can provide a sense of comfort and safety. Its cycles are dependable and provide us with a sense of security. Whether you are grieving a recent death or a long-term loss, connecting with nature is an excellent way to find peace and comfort.

Getting outside in nature has many benefits for our mental and physical health. The time spent in nature is a great way to reduce depression and anxiety. People in a state of grief often feel a variety of emotions, including anger and depression.

Connecting with nature and understanding the emotions of grief helps us replace those negative emotions with acceptance. And the healing process will last for a lifetime. There are no guarantees of success in the healing process, but it’s worth a try.

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