What does Eternally Loved Actually Do?

So, what does Eternally Loved actually do to help you plan and coordinate a Celebration of Life

The first step in the process is a phone call with you to find out a few things and then schedule an in+ person meeting (wherever is easiest for you and the best time for you).

I find out what is important and what you want to incorporate in the Celebration of Life. I go over every possible option to a Celebration of Life so some things will not apply but we will know we went over every possible option. By taking about an hour, we can tailor the Celebration of Life to make sure it is truly honoring who the person was. We go over budget parameters and I guarantee I will be able to stick within your budget (whatever you tell me the number is) by coming up with an estimated budget on what things will actually cost and after I send that to you we go over it to make sure the important things are going to be accomplished. I have a lot of experience with coming up with creative ideas if it is a limited budget.

If you want programs, slideshows, take home items, enlargements, etc. I can make them and send for your approval so that will not take up all your time. Nothing will be made without your full approval, so you are still involved in the process to make sure it is fitting for the person you are honoring.

I reach out to the venue and any vendors that are needed and negotiate and contract them and arrange with them all that needs to be accomplished and timelines. I also pick up or bring all the items that we have decided the celebration of life will need.

Most importantly, the day of the Celebration of Life I get there early and set it all up, I am there during to make sure everything goes smoothly and stay after to breakdown and clean up.

My biggest goal is to make things easier for you before the Celebration of Life and on the day, you can truly be present to honor your loved one and get all the support from family and friends instead of worrying about details and having to get there early and/or stay late. This enables you to relax and be present!

We love what we do and have many stellar reviews from past clients that we helped. We are respectful, empathetic, have a positive attitude, attention to detail, ethical, and have the most experience with Celebration’s of Life Memorials then any other planners in San Diego/Orange County/Riverside county area.


  • Consultation to go over all ideas and details, budget and expectation
  • Provide support and advice from the time of booking
  • Assist with design and styling ideas
  • Serve as the main point of contact to assist between you and vendors and venue with negotiations contracting and booking
  • Ensure the vendors are right for your goals and budget
  • Map out the arrival, service, reception
  • Offer guidance and ideas for budget management
  • Venue booking (if needed): source venue, site visits, contract
  • Diagram for you and vendors on day of set up
  • Assist with menu and beverage selections
  • Confirm the timeline of service, and all vendors arrival and tear down times
  • Put together: programs, slideshow, enlargements, memory box, memory table items, flowers, take home items, etc.
  • Detailed timeline for day of
  • Assistance with setting up announcements


Day of coordinating from start to finish:
  • Arrive early to set everything up
  • Manage and direct vendors
  • Place and organize all décor, set up of tables/chairs, etc.
  • Coordinate the schedule of events
  • Break down the event
Eternally Loved will take care of every small detail so that you don’t have to!

The Average Cost for a Celebration of Life is $3000

Of course, it’s always better for us to chat through your specific questions and needs so we can figure out the right options for you.

We will contact all service providers, including:

  • Venues
  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Entertainment/Music
  • Churches
  • Hotels/transportation
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Décor
  • Any other necessary arrangements

We will consult with you to provide:

  • Invitations
  • Releases
  • Execution of personalized theme
  • Memorable elements
  • Video presentation
  • General coordination