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If you’re looking for a modern, unique way to commemorate your loved one’s passing, you may want to consider investing in unique cremation jewelry. Made of a wide variety of materials, unique cremation jewelry is a great way to memorialize your family member with a one of a kind collection, bracelet, ring, or necklace. Unique cremation jewelry can also be an urn necklace or cremation pendants containing the ashes of family.

Personal Memento

The idea behind unique cremation jewelry has been around for years, but its modern popularity has only increased in recent years. The practice is increasingly popular among mourners across the globe. Keepsakes such as a cremation rings are often made from sterling silver, solid gold or gold vermeil. Although pure sterling silver is the preferred material, it is too soft for unique cremation jewelry. Adding additional materials to the keepsakes makes them stronger and prevents them from tarnishing. Periodic care of cremation jewelry is required to keep it in top condition for many years.

How is Cremation Jewelry Made?

While the majority of keepsake jewelry is made from a single metal, cremation jewelry is made from a variety of materials, including gold, platinum, titanium, silver, and stainless steel.

In addition to the metals, cremation jewelry may be engraved with a photo or a meaningful quote.

What is Gold Vermeil?

The base metal of gold vermeil is sterling silver, together they make a lasting piece of gold jewelry. To work correctly, this means your loved ones piece is made from precious metals. A thick layer of gold is then electroplated over the base metal.

Diamond Creation from Ashes

Making unique cremation jewelry is easy, but it does require a certain level of expertise. It is possible to create a diamond with a pound of ashes. Once the ashes have been properly processed, professionals can turn them into diamonds. This process involves heat and pressure, and the ashes are then used to create a unique diamond. These diamonds are typically cut to fit the desired necklaces, bracelets, or pendant. Depending on the type of remains used, the diamond’s color may vary, but it will last for centuries.

Sterling Silver

The perfect way to show remembrance of a loved ones life can be simple sterling silver keepsakes. A person may have a unique designs in mind to share with all family members, or it may be personal and hold some of the cremains. The best unique cremation jewelry or personalized cremation jewelry can be keepsakes. A lock of hair or a one of a kind favorite picture of the family member in a silver frame could be the memories that will be everlasting. A small amounts of ashes can be placed in a wearable urn and hung on a silver chain necklace.

Memorial Jewelry

Thousands of styles of unique cremation jewelry are available. A personalized cremation necklace can be created to showcase your loved one’s photo or name. Some designs are to be worn on a chain or pinned on a jacket.

Wood Necklaces

Necklaces can be used as both a life or fashionable statement. Some are made from wood. A pendant made from wood may be engraved with a name or date of death.

Collection of Memories

Jewelry is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one. It can be as simple as a necklace that holds ashes or as complex as a pendant that carries them in an urn. A cremation necklace is an especially nice option of a reminder of a one who has passed away. There are many styles and themes available, so you’ll have no trouble choosing one that fits your style.

Cremation jewelry is designed to display a loved one’s ashes while protecting them from the elements.

Online Search and Shopping for an Urn

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To commemorate a lost life with unique cremation jewelry is a wise way to get tips and have an elegant keepsake. Pieces that are affordable and offer a personal way to honor the deceased can be purchased online.

Glass Cremation Jewelry

A necklace is a lovely option because it can be worn above the heart, and the cremains can be enclosed in a glass.

Necklace and Pendant

Unique cremation jewelry can be worn as a glass necklace or pendant. Some pendants are filled with cremated remains, while others are molded to represent a loved one’s ashes. Unique cremation jewelry is a pendant that incorporates ashes into a glass pendant. You can choose the color, design, and size of your pendant to express your love and grief. A necklace that will reflect the unique personality of your loved one is something that may take time to find. A quick search on Amazon or an Etsy store is a great way to search and find the right piece. Pendants and necklaces are a popular choice among unique cremation jewelry. These personalize items can be stylish and support the current style. In addition, pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings can be chosen because they blend in with your present style. A pendant may be more prominent, and people may ask about it, so be prepared to explain if it draw’s attention to your loved one’s death.

Pendant Urn

Unique cremation jewelry as a pendant has a dual function. It can hold a small urn or a keepsake. These memorial pieces come in many shapes and designs, and they are available in round, oval, square, and tubular styles. These pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a practical function. A pendant will remind a loved one of the loss while keeping the memorial pendant discreet.

Is Unique Cremation Jewelry Appropriate for Everyday Wear?

Yes, what you wear and how you display the unique cremation jewelry pieces are entirely up to each individual. Most memorial pieces are appropriate for everyday wear, you can wear unique pieces to honor a loved one.

Cremation Rings

Rings are a traditional symbol of love and commitment. You can wear a cremation ring to honor your loved one. Cremation rings are perfect to carry a small portion of your loved one’s cremains. If you choose a ring that is simple and elegant, it can be a beautiful and unique way to remember your loved one forever.

One of the most unique types of personalized jewelry is a ring. A ring can be worn on the ring finger of a departed loved one. Often these rings are often made of sterling silver, or stainless steel and feature a discreet opening that makes them easy to incorporate into any outfit.

A ring is a classic option that will blend in with any current fashion. If you’d prefer something that will stand out more, a bracelet or vial urn might be the perfect choice. The choice depends on your personal style and your level of comfort. Choosing one is a personal choice and should be made with safety in.

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Funeral Alternatives

Funeral alternatives offer compassion and respect in planning the various activities after the death of a dear person or pet.

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Cremation Alternatives

When shopping for cremation alternatives it is important to get a sense of what tools will be utilized to personalize the service. to consider.

Cremation Care

Cremation care is an alternative to traditional funerals. A quick online search can explain the various options before a final purchase is made. Accessories and over payment is often avoidable when shopping for the right way to handle a remembrance.