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Funeral services can be expensive. Cremation care is an alternative to traditional arrangements. Licensed Funeral Directors can help families directly from a funeral home with deciding how honoring a loved one is best, but there are also cremation alternatives.

Planning a Celebration of Life with Eternally Loved

Planning celebration of life services is an affordable alternative to a traditional funeral service. To assist and support families from obituaries to site arrangements, is the job of the Eternally Loved team.

Your loved one might have wanted a funeral service where friends, family and the community could pay their respect. A “celebration of life” can be inclusive of the cremation care and funeral service or be separate.

Formal Services

Formal services may provide the surviving family members with the closure they need to cope with the loss. Before choosing the type of service to have, it is important to understand the processes and planning so every member involved in the decision making is included.

Traditional Services

A traditional funeral service is most often at the crematorium site.

Direct cremation, by contrast, does not require a traditional funeral service. The crematorium will handle the arrangements of the actual cremation, and return the cremated remains to the family.

While many families choose a direct cremation service to save money, there are some important differences. For one thing, direct cremation providers are usually less expensive than a funeral home.

Cost of Cremation Services

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Cremation varys greatly from state to state and provider to provider. Additional costs for unique scenarios, transportation, and the type of service chosen can also affect cremation care costs.

However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you\’re not paying too much. Knowing the costs ahead of time will help you make the right decision. In addition, understanding the options available will help you feel better about your decision.

The Type of Cremation is a Very Personal Choice

Choosing the type of cremation is a very personal choice, but it is important to remember that the decision should be made for your family, not for an outside pressure. It\’s never easy to make a decision during a time of mourning, so keep your emotions in mind when making this decision.

The final decision should be based on the emotional needs of your family and the wishes of the deceased.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, nontraditional cremation method, there are several alternatives to consider. Water cremation is one option. This process involves immersing the deceased in water that is heated to a high temperature and dissolves the body\’s contents into bone fragments and soluble organic matter.

While the process is more expensive than a traditional cremation it may be an option if allowed in your state or country.

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Funeral Service

A funeral service can include the cremation care in honoring the deceased.

Some families choose cremation over burial and even ask the minister to attend the funeral service at the crematorium. Cremation is an acceptable method for some Christians, but families may want to discuss the process with their clergy.

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Funeral Alternatives

A funeral home usually handles both the cremation care and the funeral service. Licensed funeral directors most often know their community and are part of the planning process.

Funeral alternatives offer compassion and respect in planning the various activities after the death of a loved one.

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Cremation Alternatives

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, nontraditional cremation method, there are several cremation alternatives to consider. The alternatives range from cremated remains placed in a garden, spread in a favorite place, or to place your loved one out at sea.

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Unique Cremation Jewelry

Part of the healing comes after time has passed. Every member of the family responds to grief differently. Actual ashes from the deceased can be made into a beautiful artifact. This unique cremation jewelry often offers support after the death.