Here’s Why You Should Plan Your Own Celebration of Life

Plan Your Own Celebration of Life

No one wants to think about the time they’ll pass on. But thinking about how you want your memorial service to be doesn’t have to be morbid—it can actually be a therapeutic process for everyone involved. There are several reasons why should pre-plan your own Celebration of Life. See our top 4.

4 Reasons to Plan Your Own Celebration of Life

Plan Your Own Celebration of Life to…

Ease the Burden on Friends and Family.

When the timeframe is short, budget is tight and emotions are high, no one wants to try and plan an important event. Several families feel relieved when loved ones pre-plan their own Celebration of Life—they know they won’t be stuck trying to make complicated decisions during an emotional time.

Have Peace of Mind.

Planning your own Celebration of Life gives you a chance to have peace of mind about passing. You have some control on how you’ll be remembered. Plus, your family and friends won’t have to worry if their last tribute to you was good enough because you’ve already tailored everything to perfection.

Make your Mark.

By crafting your Celebration of Life to your personality, likes, and unique experiences, you’re creating a special opportunity for your friends and family to feel close to you after you’ve gone. By experiencing an event embodying your unique impact, you’re providing a meaningful outlet for your family’s grief and love. This helps put everyone in a better state of mind to be able to cope with loss. And with the precious memory that’s left behind, they’ll be reminded of the solace you’ve left them.

Eliminate Financial Concerns.

When we lose someone we love, a lot of things are left unsaid and unplanned for. Not having a plan often causes friction between family members. Avoid this by pre-planning your own Celebration of Life and accounting for the budget. You can make arrangements to assume financial responsibility for yourself, or appoint someone else. As long as you have a designated plan, many tough situations can be avoided.

Get a Professional Event Planner to Pre-Plan Your Celebration of Life

Planning your own Celebration of Life can take a lot of work—let a professional event planner experienced in creating special and personalized memorial ceremonies bring your ideas to life (need some convincing? See: Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner).

Eternally Loved can guide you through a personalized pre-plan packet, which will specify your wishes for friends and family. We’ll capture all the details on what you want, including: budget, type of service, location and venue, speakers and officiants, décor, music, food and beverages, readings or toasts, release activities, guest list and more.

Don’t leave your friends and family without the peace of mind you could leave through pre-planning your own Celebration of Life.

We can’t wait to turn your wishes into a meaningful celebration for your loved ones.