Why Plan Your Own Celebration of Life

Why Plan Your Own Celebration Of Life | Eternally Loved

No one wants to think about the time they’ll pass on. But thinking about how you want to plan a celebration of life service versus a funeral or memorial doesn’t have to be a morbid somber event—it can actually be a therapeutic process to go over your life ideas with family members. There are several reasons to pre-plan and tell your personal story.

It is After All Your Life Ideas

It is after all your life ideas and your life celebration. To pay tribute and create a remarkable celebration of your life lived is touching. The best life services you create will not be a somber event. Together with a family member or friend begin to explore ideas that will spark conversation.

Your Celebration of Life Your Service

Many families turn to traditional memorials designed around what the funeral home allows and relies on another persons viewpoint versus the loved one’s personality.

Your celebration of life will be your service that pays tribute to you! Your emotional and spiritual needs will include your unique personality.

4 Reasons to Plan Your Own Celebration of Life

Celebration Of Life Service | Eternally Loved

Plan your own celebration of life service in the event space you want with the live music or meaningful music you choose. You can invite guests to share memories or share stories. If the event space allows, have a photo memory board. If you were part of a sports team and you want your dearly loved jersey at your life service, hang it proudly for all to see.

Tip One – Ease the Burden on a Friend or Family Member

When the timeframe is short, budget is tight and emotions are high, no one wants to try and plan an important event. So allow the time to only celebrate what you want during your life service. Most families today feel relieved when a loved one’s life decisions are handled.

This is not a funeral service or memorial service it is Celebration of Life. Personality characteristics matter because this is a life ceremony. The planning process can include choosing if there will be a tribute video and if other family members want to participate.

Tip Two – Have Peace of Mind

Planning your own Celebration of Life gives you a chance to have peace of mind about passing. You have some control on how you’ll be remembered. Plus, your family and friends won’t have to worry if their last tribute to you was a perfect service because you’ve already tailored everything to your unique lifestyle and emotional needs.

A loved one can set the social expectations during the actual celebration of life and help with everything from food preparation (or pot luck) with the goal to serve your (their loved one’s favorite dishes).

Tip Three – Your Life Service – Your Life Ideas

By crafting your Celebration of Life to your personality, likes, and unique experiences, you’re creating a special opportunity for your friends and family to feel close to you after you’ve gone.

By experiencing an event embodying your life ideas and unique impact, you’re providing a meaningful outlet for your family to grieve, love, laugh at your life lived. This helps put everyone in a better state of mind to be able to cope with loss. And with the precious memory that’s left behind, family and guests will pay tribute and be reminded of their loved one’s personality.

Tip Four – Eliminate Financial Concerns

When we lose someone we love, a lot of things are left unsaid and unplanned for. Not having a plan often can cause friction between for many families. Avoid this by pre-planning your own Celebration of Life and accounting for the budget.

You can make all the arrangements and assume the financial responsibility yourself. As long as you have a designated plan, many tough situations can be avoided. Following the wishes of a loved one who passes is an honor.

Committal Service

Life celebrations can be a healing process for a loved one. Services offered including a committal service (which includes the time needed for rendering of military honors) is part of many life services.

Get a Professional Celebration of Life Planner

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Planning your own Celebration of Life can take a lot of work—let a professional celebration of life planner help you create the perfect service.

An experienced celebration of life planner is skilled at handling the details of life services. Creating special and personalized memorial ceremonies bring your ideas to life (need some convincing? See: Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner.

Personalized Celebration of Life

Eternally Loved will guide you through a personalized celebration of life, which will specify your wishes for friends and family. We’ll capture all the details on what you want, including: budget, type of service, location and venue, speakers and officiants, décor, music, food and beverages, readings or toasts, release activities, guest list and more.

Don’t leave your friends and family without the peace of mind you could leave through pre-planning your own Celebration of Life.

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional funeral services are typically held in a funeral home within a few days of the loved one passing. Traditional funerals take in account more of a religious feel and include the handling of an individual’s physical remains.

Memorial Services

A memorial service is typically held within a few days of the loved one passing also, but can be held later depending on the wishes of family.

Hybrid Event

A celebration of life can be a hybrid life celebration. A funeral service combined with a celebration of life can be a way to pay tribute and celebrate your loved one\’s life. Life ceremonies in their simplest form are to help the emotional and spiritual needs left after a passing.

You do not have to have a traditional funeral order, many families choose the only celebration that fits their loved one. The biggest and often most cited reason people hold a hybrid celebration of life is personalization.

Life Planning

Traditional Funeral Service Alternatives | Eternally Loved

Life planning includes everything from the celebration of life to rewarding things shared while your loved one is living. For some life celebration might include a scholarship fund for a son, daughter, niece, or nephew. Share stories and discuss the social expectations knowing the perfect service is the one had on the day of the event.

Healing Process

At Eternally Loved we have helped so many find the right mix for their life celebrations. Watching children blow bubbles or playing with light sparklers or light luminaries is magical. Have guests toss wildflower seeds in a field so trees will grow is a classic touch. Doves flying or even a sunset cruise have all been done with proper planning. There is more room that imaginable when people pull together for a celebration of life.

Eternally Loved

Helping people plan their celebration of life is what we do. Throughout Southern California we have planned services in homes, hotels, parks, and beaches. We look forward to helping you.