Virtual Memorial Service

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If you are in quarantine or trying to practice social distancing, a virtual memorial service may be a good option for you. It allows you to pay tribute to your loved one with family and friends with an online memorial service.

During these challenging times you may opt out of holding an in-person gathering for a memorial service to be safe. Using a virtual space can still allow you to hold a meaningful memorial service.

What is an Online Memorial Service?

An online service can be beneficial even if you are not in the middle of a pandemic. Holding a virtual memorial service can be useful for friends or family that live far away and may not be able to attend an in-person event.

If you are using a virtual memorial service to connect family and friends from afar, you can just live stream the event or create a video conference for people to attend. That way, everyone who would like to be involved can be part of the grieving process.

You could even invite online guests to share memories, share stories, or create a slide show that they share via technology. With this being said, you may need help on the technical side of things. It may also be important to provide instructions to the attendees who plan to attend the virtual memorial service.

Why Should you Choose a Virtual Memorial Service?

Online memorials are an opportunity to invite more family and friends to the memorial services that you have planned for a loved one. They can be included in honoring the person’s life, despite not being able to gather in person.

Given the current state of our country, many families may want to attend the memorial event virtually, rather than in person. Because of the tools and resources that we have available, it is possible to hold these memorials online. This is wonderful way for people to celebrate the life of your loved one, in the most comfortable way possible for them.

How to Hold a Virtual Funeral or Memorial Service

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It may take some more planning to hold a virtual memorial service, but it is possible to accomplish. There are many details to consider including setting up a virtual platform, creating a website for the memorial, and deciding who will host the end-of-life event.

If you are planning an in-person memorial service along with a virtual option, this may require a bit more work. With the help of Eternally Loved, we can create a memorial service for your loved one that you will always remember. We assist with all the planning that is involved with both an in person memorial event as well as an online memorial service.

Tips for Planning

Use a Theme

If you are struggling with ways to best celebrate the life of your loved one, you could start with creating a theme. You can begin with brainstorming some of the person’s favorite things including their favorite music, sports team, or food. Having the theme allows you to have a starting point, and you can build off those ideas.

Technical Tips for Conducting Online Memorials

It can be a challenge to adjust something that we are used to doing in person such as memorial services and celebrations of life—to happen online over video. It is a question that many families are facing as we contend with COVID-19 and restrictions on gatherings. Here are some memorial service ideas that take place online:

Choose platforms that people can easily access

Choosing a platform that people can easily access is important so that you avoid guests not being able to join. If it is a widely used program, more than likely, more people will be able to attend.

Simulate an online reception 

You can use slide show videos, breakout room conversations, or time for guests to share stories or memories.

Provide a brief orientation on the technology before the event happens

Offering technical support in advance can ensure that people know how to access the event and will not have trouble when the service begins.

Post an Order of Service online 

Share the link for the event in advance and in the chat area for people to access.

Be mindful of security and privacy

The scary thing about having an event online is that perfect strangers, can gain access and disrupt online gatherings if precautions are not taken and their meeting numbers are posted online.

Create an online receiving line? 

You can invite attendees to sign up for specific times to greet the bereaved via video, like a receiving line after an in-person service.

Find one or more technical hosts

Having someone available to assist with technical support can be helpful. They can ensure that all videos, speakers, and guests can all be heard and seen.

How Do I let People Know About the Virtual Memorial Services?

There are several online venues that you can use that will let you send an invitation to friends and family to let them know about your memorial service. You can create a text message, group email, private message, or send a video announcement that discuss the details of your virtual memorial service.

Do I Need a Memorial Website?

No, you do not have to have a memorial website, but you may decide it is a good idea to create one. Having a memorial website can compile and store all the information and details about the virtual memorial service. It can be a hub for friends and families to gather and discuss the event, and find out details about the service for guests to ask questions.

That way, if you decide to change details later, everyone will be up-to-date, and you can ask friends and family to share a memory on the page to sign a virtual guestbook. 

What is Facebook Live Streaming?

Facebook Live is a free live streaming program that you can use to create your event. Unlike Zoom, you will be the only one broadcasting to attendees via your camera. You will not be able to see or hear the attendees, so your interaction will be limited to their typed comments through the chat feature.

Benefits of Facebook Live

  • You can respond live to any comments if you would like
  • Tailor the mood to the deceased’s personality to provide a heartfelt memorial service.
  • You may want to live stream while playing your loved one’s favorite music or photos in the background.

Virtual Background Feature

A Zoom memorial service offers a virtual background that allows you to use different videos and backgrounds for your memorial event. This can enhance your memorial service significantly. For the best quality, a green screen is recommended.

Eternally Loved Can Help with Your Virtual Memorial Event

Eternally Loved Can Help with Your Virtual Memorial Event

Eternally Loved is a celebration of life and memorial services company that can assist you and your loved ones after there has been a death in the family. We can help you create an event that will honor the memories you had in a meaningful way.

We can collaborate with you to personalize all elements of your Celebration of Life program beforehand. We will work with you to focus on how you would like the memorial to look, flow, and feel. We will provide you with a full breakdown of what you would like, how it would work, a general timeline, and budget. We cover every detail, including a list of service providers to hand over to your family or friends.

Our event planner services include complimentary consultation to determine your event needs, coordination of all service providers and travel arrangements, negotiating best deals on your behalf, utilizing exclusive discounts with our network of professionals, staying involved with every granular detail to ensure the success of your event.

If you or your loved one needs help with planning a celebration of life or other memorial services, including virtual Zoom memorial options, please reach to our staff. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.