Keepsakes for Funeral or Celebration of Life

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What is a Celebration of Life or Funeral Keepsake?

A funeral keepsake is a personalized item such as a picture frame or jewelry that commemorates a loved one after his or her death. Funeral keepsakes may be given out to the attendees of memorials but are also often given as a sympathy gift to the grieving family.

Families cherish keepsakes because they can use them as a way to remember special moments, they had with their loved one. They also serve as a way to help family members heal and process the loss of the person they loved.

Celebration of Life and Funeral Keepsakes Ideas for Family Members

If you search an online memorial site, you will find a variety of keepsake gifts for funerals. These can range from clothing and jewelry to personalized frames or stones. Ideas for funeral keepsakes include:

Remembrance Jewelry and Clothing

Memorial Jewelry | Eternally Loved

Memorial jewelry is a popular and appropriate keepsake gift to give to a family member. The jewelry can be a personalized necklace with the deceased’s fingerprint or a bracelet containing stone or glass with their ashes.

One may choose to buy or create a personalized t-shirt with a picture of the loved one, dates, and special quotes. The shirt could then be worn on the anniversary of a loved one’s passing to pay tribute to their memory.

Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized picture frames or memory books of loved ones can help families and friends hold onto the dear memory of the deceased. These can be simple frames with a picture of the loved one or more detailed frames or memory books with engravings.

Memorial Stones for a Garden

Memorial stones are steppingstones with remembrance sayings such as “in loving memory” or other small stones with special engravings to commemorate a loved one’s life. These are usually placed in a garden or a peaceful spot in one’s yard.

Other ideas for a memorial keepsake include figurines, artwork, or a vase for flowers. There are many options when you search for a keepsake, but the best one will be one that is personalized to the deceased and something families can cherish for many years to come.

What are Celebration of Life or Funeral Favors?

Funeral favors can be a thoughtful way to thank guests for coming to the service and to honor the loved one who has passed. They are typically small gifts that are given out at a funeral.

Although it is not necessary to include a funeral favor as part of a memorial service, it is still considered a nice gesture that friends and family can appreciate.

Examples of Favors for Guests at a Funeral Service

Funeral favors usually have some sort of significant meaning or personalization to them. They can be bought from a store or online site and be as traditional or unique as you would like.

Unique Favors for a Funeral

When deciding what type of favors you would like to have, you should consider the loved one’s personality and interests and what they may have wanted. Some unique ideas include bookmarks for a loved one who enjoyed reading or recipe cards with a loved one’s favorite recipe.

Cookies or candy tins tied to a small card with a note about the loved one can also serve as a special treat to remember them by.

Another popular idea is flower seed packets or succulents. These are a fun way to remember someone who has passed and who liked to garden or loved plants.

Traditional Favors to Give at a Funeral or Celebration of Life

Some more traditional mementos to hand out at funerals include memorial stones, candles, or photos. Memorial stones can be engraved with the deceased’s name or a special saying. They may be placed in a garden or set on a shelf or bedside table.

Candles can be lit in remembrance of your loved one either at the ceremony or at home. Framed photos serve as a great reminder and can help celebrate the memory of the deceased.

A Celebration of Life with Eternally Loved

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Flower Arrangements for a Funeral

Flowers are traditional part of funerals and can be used as decoration for the ceremony or reception. Common floral arrangements for funerals include roses, snapdragons, lilies, daisies, and mums.

Remembrance Stone that Says "In Loving Memory" | Eternally Loved

Funeral Decoration

Funeral decorations usually include flowers, photos, and centerpieces. They can be used to decorate a memorial table, a reception table, or even used to line the hall or casket.

What to Bring to a Funeral or Celebration of Life?

It is common for people to be unsure of what to bring to a funeral. Some ideas of what to bring are sympathy cards, photographs, donations, or food.