Celebration of Life or Funeral Decoration

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What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life service is a type of end-of-life ceremony where people come together to celebrate the unique life of the deceased. Celebrations of life are commonly held after physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation.

How is a Celebration of Life Different from a Funeral?

It’s interesting; funerals and celebrations of life have much in common, yet they often appear quite different in execution. Each is a ceremony; a gathering of people who share a common loss. It’s just that one is more rooted in tradition, while the other is the result of recent changes in social values. In either case, both serve to do the same three things.

  1. Help the bereaved family, and their community, publicly acknowledge the death of one of their own.
  2. Support the grieving family by surrounding them with caring friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
  3. Celebrate a life full of memories and achievements.

The Perfect Celebration of Life or Funeral Decorations

Celebration of life and funeral decorations are one way to honor the interests or memory, express your love and respect, and create a beautiful atmosphere for people attending to focus on remembering, honoring, mourning, and celebrating your loved one’s legacy and life.

But people often have questions, such as:

  • What is the most appropriate decor for a funeral or celebration of life?
  • Does the funeral home, reception hall or other venue allow decorations?
  • What are some creative funeral or celebration of life decorations?
  • Can I get everything done in time for the service?

Traditional Celebration of Life or Funeral Decorations

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Should you Decorate the Church Floor?

A funeral decoration does not have to include the church floor, but you can if you choose to do so, it is okay. Sometimes, guests like to line to floor with a beautiful floral arrangement to make it more elegant.

5 Traditional Funeral Decor Ideas


Celebration of life and funeral flowers are the typical way to decorate a memorial service, funeral service, or celebration of life. You can decorate the casket with flowers, as well as the celebration hall. It will vary depending on where you choose to host your celebration of life or funeral service.

Should I use a Real or Fake Floral Arrangement?

You do not have to purchase expensive flowers to display a beautiful farewell. You can choose to use artificial or fake floral arrangements, or more expensive flowers. If you are worried about using artificial flowers, you can choose to use a decorative container to give it some more elegance. No matter what flowers you choose, be sure to personalize them for your loved one’s celebration and reception.


Candles can provide a sense of serenity and solemnity during a funeral or celebration of life service. You can include groups of candles or one or two candles for each centerpiece.

Photo Portrait

Get a portrait of your loved one printed onto a large canvas, or a large, framed print. This is often the central focus point at the front near the coffin or urn, in the entry way near the table, or both. Be sure to move the portrait into the reception area, that way you can save on costs without having to purchase multiple prints.

Memorial Table

Typically, there is a table that is placed at the front of the celebration of life service, especially when there is not a body present (or the remains have been cremated).

Reception Table Centerpieces

Funeral reception table centerpieces are often used as a reflection of the decedent’s personality.

A Celebration of Life with Eternally Loved

A celebration of life ceremony celebrates life of the dearly departed. Unlike funerals the focus of the ceremony is on the life that was lived and not mourning of one’s death.

Family and friends come together and celebrate the special life of your loved one. Our goal is to make the planning process effortless and easier, while exceeding your expectations and creating an extraordinary and memorable experience.

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What to Bring to Funeral?

If you’re part of the immediate family, you’ll likely need to bring some extras, like a guest book or a photo of the deceased. If you are a guest, however, it may be unclear. The gift-giving etiquette around memorial services is not always clear.

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Food for Funeral Reception

Choosing the right food for a funeral reception can be tough, but finger foods are always good. Casseroles, finger foods, meat and cheese trays, fruit and veggie trays, or salads.

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Celebration of Life Service

A celebration of life service is a type of end-of-life ceremony where people come together to celebrate the unique life of the deceased. Celebrations of life are commonly held after physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation.

Memorial Services

A memorial service is like a funeral service in many ways. The main difference is that at a funeral, the body is present as a focal point for the service, whether in a closed or open casket, but at a memorial service, the body is not present.