Funeral Arrangement Ideas

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Funeral Arrangements

Whether you are putting together flowers or sending wreaths for a funeral there are several options to choose from. Picking the right flower to be used can be incredibly difficult.

Whether you hire a local florist or do them yourself, the goal is the return of memories of the loved one. Funeral flowers are a great way to honor your deceased friends and family members. Funeral flowers can bring joy and comfort to your funeral.

Types of Funeral Floral Arrangements

There are many different types of funeral flower arrangements to choose from. When deciding on funeral arrangements you will want to consider your budget, the location of the arrangements, and the style.

The main types of funeral floral arrangements are bouquets, wreathes, sprays, and crosses.

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A funeral flower bouquet is usually made up of a variety of flowers. The most common flowers for a bouquet are carnations, lilies, roses, and orchids. The bouquets may be placed in baskets or on a table or stand. They are also commonly sent to the grieving family member as a sympathy arrangement.


For funeral baskets, your choice of flowers are displayed in decorative containers usually baskets. The flowers are placed using adhesive on floral foam to remain hidden and subsequently arranged at various heights to create an attractive display. The baskets can then be placed in different areas of the funeral home to add visual interest.


Wreaths are a traditional arrangement for funerals and memorial services. They are typically circular but can be made into other shapes. Wreaths may be displayed on a stand near the casket in the funeral home and can also be displayed at the burial site if a burial service follows.


There are a few different types of sprays for funerals. The most common are a casket spray and a standing spray. A casket spray is a large funeral floral arrangement that covers the casket while standing sprays are funeral flowers that are arranged and displayed on easels.


Funeral crosses are a great option for a religious memorial service. They are similar to wreaths but designed in the shape of a cross. Most often this type of funeral floral arrangement is placed on a stand near the casket.

How Do You Display Funeral Flowers?

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A funeral floral arrangement can be displayed in a variety of ways and may depend on the type of arrangement ordered. The most common places to display a funeral flower arrangement are on the casket, on a stand, or on a table.

Funeral flowers can add to the atmosphere of a memorial and can offer sympathy or comfort to grieving family, close friends, or co workers.

Celebration of Life and Funeral Flower Ideas

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All floral arrangements consist of multiple flowers and greenery. When deciding on what flowers to chose for a celebration of life or funeral, you may consider the setting and whether you want something more traditional or unique.

Most Common Types of Flowers for a Funeral or Celebration of Life

The most common traditional funeral flowers are lilies, roses, carnations, and orchids. As far as the color of flowers, the most popular are red roses, white roses, red carnations, and white carnations. These are often thought of as appropriate flowers for a funeral. They are classic, simple, and elegant.

These traditional flowers can make for a beautiful flower arrangement. Another traditional flower for funerals is gladioli which produce beautiful standing sprays.

Unique Celebration of Life and Funeral Flower Ideas

Funeral flowers don’t have to be dull or boring. If you are wanting to create a brighter, happier look for a celebration of life, you can also choose bright colors such as yellow or pink flowers for the floral arrangement.

If your loved one’s favorite color was pink then pink roses might be a great way to pay tribute to them. Lavender may also be another great option for a memorial especially since it is known for it’s relaxing scent.

Flowers are available in many colors to suit all memorial styles so choose whichever best suits your memorial needs and honors the memory of your loved one’s life.

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At Eternally Loved, we help with all the planning and coordinating needs that go into creating a celebration of life event, so that you can focus on being fully present with family and friends and honor your loved one. 

Our event planning services include a complimentary consultation to determine your memorial service needs, coordination and contracting with all service providers (venues, caterers, florists, entertainment/music, photographers/videographers, d├ęcor, hotels/transportation, and any other arrangements), and staying involved throughout the entire process to ensure a successful and memorable event.  

We will also consult with you to provide announcements, invitations, releases, execution of personalized theme, memorable elements, video presentation, and general coordination.  

If you are planning a celebration of life event and need assistance, please contact us for more information.

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Flower Arrangements for Funeral

A flower arrangement is one of the most popular ways to decorate for a funeral or memorial service. The most common flowers for a memorial service are carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies.

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Funeral Centerpiece

Funeral centerpieces are decorative items for a funeral such as candles, flowers, or pictures usually placed on a table. The centerpiece can help set the tone for the memorial service and be customized to honor the deceased.

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Large Flower Arrangements for Funerals

Floral arrangements are classic decorations for a funeral service. The most common large floral arrangements for a funeral are giant floral wreaths, funeral sprays, casket toppers, and large floral centerpieces.

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Lighthouse Flower Arrangements

Lighthouse flower arrangements include an arrangement that are in the form of a lighthouse and are formed into a tall tower. These types of flower arrangements are a great opportunity for you to showcase flowers at your loved one’s celebration of life.