Celebration of Life Songs for Dad

Celebration of Life Songs For Dad | Eternally Loved

Having a celebration of life for your dad is hard. No one want’s to go to their father’s funeral. However, when the time comes, finding the perfect funeral song, and a deeply personal track is never easy.

Funeral Song or Funeral Songs for Dad

Funeral Songs | Eternally Loved

With a celebration of life – you decide what funeral song will be playing at the service for your dad. More than one song is easy to do, you can have a list of funeral songs played through out the celebration of life.

The 3 most popular funeral songs are easy:

  1. Wonderful World

This song by Louis Armstrong we find is best used if there is a video and it can be included at the beginning or the end of the compilation. This simple tune is recognized by almost all ages and is great to show a loved one’s memory.

  1. Father and Son

Cat Stevens is known for his song Father and Son. For many looking for a touching song tribute this song is a must.

  1. You Raise Me Up

You Raise me Up by Josh Groban is often included in a celebration of life this song as funeral music has a recognizable and pleasing melody.

Best Funeral Songs for a Celebration of Life

Wonderful World | Eternally Loved

A song is a nice way to honor a beloved father. You will know when you have the perfect funeral song because the music touched you instantly and reminded you of dad.

The Most Popular Funeral Songs for Dad

A funeral song that says something about your dad is important. It can be difficult finding a powerful song to honor your father. At one time in history, funeral hymns led the experience from a religious standpoint. Now the best funeral songs reflect aspects of your family and friends as well as the guests that will be part of the celebration of life.

A Classic Rock Song and Wonderful Memories

Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Bill Medley, James Taylor, and of course Elvis Presley offer great songs to choose from. Some have emotional lyrics while other’s address the personal hero aspect of a father and his children. Many artists offer an acoustic version that is very touching.

Self Explanatory Choice

If you are planning the day, your father’s funeral song and the ideal funeral song or celebration of life song list will rely on you and your family.

Country Songs Might be the Ticket

Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Vince Gill tend to always make the list of the best songs for dad.

Country music tells stories. Playing country music for a celebration of life can invoke a special memory, pay tribute, tell about a life story, or aid mourners in the grieving process.

A Beautiful Song For Your Late Father

Classic Rock Song | Eternally Loved

Contemplative lyrics of a father figure or main male role model will be touching, however, consider happy funeral songs or uplifting funeral songs in your decision. The greats like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey are artists you can never go wrong with choosing.

In Conclusion

Eternally Loved is available if you need help in planning the funeral service, memorial service, or the celebration for your father. We offer you sincere condolences for the loss of your loved family member.