What to do with Cremated Remains: 6 Unique Ways to Preserve Your Memory

What to Do Cremated Remains

People are changing the way they think about funerals and the aftermath of death. Now, more than ever, we’re given the option of choosing how we’re memorialized after death and provided with unique methods of honoring our loved ones after they’ve passed. For ideas on what to do with cremated remains after (or even before) a Celebration of Life, see these six unique ways for preserving cremated ashes.

6 Ideas for What to Do with Cremated Remains

1. Become a Tree

Talk about being one with nature!  Memorial trees offer a chance to turn cremated ashes into a tree that can be planted. Memorial trees are popular because they symbolize transformation and the cycle of life.

Here are a couple options for memorial trees for cremated remains:

2. Go to Space

If you want your eternal rest to be shared with the cosmos, this may be the option for you. Celestis offers a trip into deep space by placing a portion of your cremated remains into orbit.  It’s one of the most inventive ways to be one with the universe, but can be pricey.

What to Do Cremated Remains_Celestis
Photo source: https://www.celestis.com/services.asp

3. Diamonds Are Forever

Cremated remains can also be transformed into beautiful diamonds. LifeGem offers a type of diamond that includes the carbon of your cremated remains, a lock of hair, or both.

This is also an expensive way to be cremated, but it’s a special piece of jewelry that will be admired for times to come and is a special way to capture the rarity of your loved one as you honor and remember them.

What to Do Cremated Remains_LifeGem
Photo source: http://www.lifegem.com/ 

4. Go to Sea

Your remains can also last forever at the bottom of the sea. Eternal Reefs takes your remains and seals them in a steel ball.  The ball is then dropped into the ocean and becomes part of a coral reef.  This is an ocean lover’s dream that also helps preserve and protect the marine environment for future generations.

What to Do Cremated Remains_Eternal Reefs
Photo source: http://eternalreefs.com/

5. Paint Your Portrait

Did you know that you can have a portrait made of yourself—with you as the paint? Missouri artist, Adam Brown, offers portraits of deceased, using oil paint containing their ashes. This method symbolizes permanence and eternal legacy.

What to Do Cremated Remains_Paint Your Portrait
Photo source: https://web.archive.org/web/20170107120136/http://disinfo.com/2014/03/artist-paints-portraits-cremated-human-remains/ 

6. Transform into Fireworks

Go out with a bang!  This provides a spectacular way to be remembered and is ideal to incorporate into a Celebration of Life. There a number of unique firework designs that incorporate cremation ashes, and several companies that offer this unique way to end your funeral.

What to Do Cremated Remains_Transform into Fireworks
Photo source: http://www.heavensabovefireworks.com/

For more keepsake ideas, see our add-on services.

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