Memorial Keepsakes

Remembrance & Memorial Keepsakes are the perfect way to personalize a gift for those who have lost a loved one. Eternally Loved can help you select and customize a variety of keepsakes, such as beads, pillows, quilts, candles, just to name a few. We understand how unique each loved one is and look forward to talking with you so we can customize the quintessential gift to commemorate their life.
Eternally Loved | Personalized Candles

Personalized Candles

Eternally Loved can create photo candles for you or your event to be handed out to all attendees. Everyone will always be able to remember the loved one and light a candle for them in their honor.
Eternally Loved | Memory Beads

Memorial Flower Beads

Eternally Loved can turn your memorial flowers into jewelry, charms or key chains after the service for you. Flower Beads make beautiful memorial keepsakes.
Eternally Loved | Memory Pillow

Memorial Pillow or Quilt

Clothes are a reminder of such wonderful memories and of the special person that donned them. Eternally Loved can create a memory pillow or quilt for you to cherish forever.